SQL Saturday #238 – Minneapolis, MN

SQL Saturday #238

I’m happy to announce that I was selected to speak at the SQL Saturday #238, Minnesota event! This year I thought I would try something different. I recently changed jobs and am working with Ross McNeely. Ross mentioned that he once presented on F# which got me thinking… I know a bit about using PHP with SQL Server. So that is my session this year: ‘When scripting worlds collide: PHP + SQL Server’. This should be a fun presentation. I’ve actually used PHP longer than I have SQL Server. Somewhere in the neighborhood of 12 years. It wasn’t until just a few years ago that PHP was able to connect with SQL Server, and it makes for a very powerful combination!

PHP is a popular, and free, scripting language. It can be used to create websites, or simply perform a variety of tasks when run from a command prompt. Combine PHP with SQL Server and you have a powerful way to create data driven websites. In this session learn how to install, configure, and use PHP with SQL Server. Learn the basics of connecting to databases, writing queries, and using data to create dynamic, data driven websites.

I look forward to seeing everyone at the event.


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