SQL Saturday #175 Fargo – Recap

Last Saturday was the very first SQL Saturday event in Fargo, ND. It was a great success with about 125 attendees. Thanks to everyone who helped organize the event, the speakers, and to everyone who attended. Also a big thanks to everyone who attended my session. The board room style was a first for me but was kind of cool! I felt like an executive running a meeting. 🙂

This was also a SQL Saturday first because we had a special guest appearance by the man himself, Mr. Bill Gates!!

Bill Gates

Well in all honesty, he was actually in the same building to talk to the Microsoft employees. However, they were kind enough to let us hear him speak. How cool is that?!

The event was held at the Microsoft Executive Briefing Center which was extremely nice. The Microsoft employees onsite, such as Kelly Obach, who helped with the event were also super awesome.

Microsoft Executive Briefing Center Fargo, ND

All in all, a fantastic time. There was talk of having it again next year so hopefully I will be back again soon.


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