Summit 2012 – Final Thoughts

Summit 2012 has now come and gone, but it was a great event indeed. In order to touch on some highlights from my point of view, I would like to acknowledge several people by saying thanks. First, thank you Magenic (my employer) for sending me to this fantastic training event. What a great opportunity to meet top SQL Server professionals from all over the world and to improve one’s technical skills. Next, thank you to everyone who organized the Summit event and to all the speakers. Shout out to the Costa Rican group I met. Sounds like a very active chapter and I hope to see you guys again next April at SQL Saturday #189 in Costa Rica if my submitted sessions get approved. 😛 I’d also like to thank the guy who sang Lita Ford’s Barracuda Wednesday night at the Hard Rock Café Karaoke event. While I don’t think you actually sang a single word correctly, your dance moves definitely made up for it. I’ve never seen a geek… well anyone for that matter dance quite like that. It won’t soon be forgotten and if anyone happens to put it on YouTube please shoot me a link. And finally, I’d like to thank Microsoft for hosting the event at the EMP Thursday night. Unfortunately, I cannot thank the person who created those sandwiches that were so incredibly spicy hot that I was nearly in tears… literally. At any rate, it was a very fun and productive week. I met a lot of great people. I hope to see you again soon at various events throughout the year, or maybe even at Summit next year in Charlotte.


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