Using Images as links in SSRS

In SSRS you can create drill-through links to other reports from textboxes. But if you really want to jazz things up you could instead add an Image and make it clickable. One catch is that you cannot associate an Image to a dataset to pass down values. How do we overcome this you ask?

There are two methods we can use:
1) If you used parameters in your report, you can easily add these as hyperlink parameters.

2) The trickier one is non-parameter values. To pass down a value from a dataset you need to have the
value available somewhere on your report. If your value may be different for each row, you will need to display it somewhere on your reports’ result set. Then on the Image, Action tab add another parameter and give it a name.

Image Properties and Parameters

For the expression value you would enter =ReportItems!Textbox126.value (or whatever the field name may be on your table)

Image Properties and Parameters


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