Passing parameters into SSIS from a SQL Job

Instead of hard coding values into your SSIS package, you could pass in parameter values into your SSIS variables using the following method. Here is an example of passing in a value of either a 1 or 0.
1. In your SSIS package, create a new variable with a data type of Int16. I’ll call the variable ‘YourVariable’ for this example.
2. If you want, you can use the variable on Precedence Constraints to control the flow of your package based on your variable value. So your expression might look like @YourVariable == 1.
3. Now in SSMS you can create your scheduled job and point it to your SSIS package.
4. On the ‘Set Values’ tab, under ‘Property Path’ you can put in your variable name of ‘\Package.Variables[YourVariable].Value’ and set the ‘Value’ field to what you want (ie. 0 or 1, etc).

SSIS Parameters


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